5 Tips For Holiday Security – Don’t let this Holiday Season be Open Season on your Belongings!

Keep an eye out for the Pacific Security Group Bus patrolling the neighbourhoods of Brisbane this holiday. It serves as reminder to ensure you have your security measures up to date not just for the Christmas season, but into 2018. The festive season unfortunately has the highest rate of break and enters, with Christmas Eve being the most popular night for thieves. Gifts are being delivered to your home and left sitting out the front door all day and people are going away on holidays, giving unsavory characters easy pickings.

Here are our five tips for Christmas Security:

  1. Lock Everything Up – It seems overly obvious, but make sure everything is locked! Windows, doors and shed; don’t make it easy.
  2. Neighbourhood Watch – Ask your neighbour to keep a look out if you are going away.
  3. Make It Look Like Someone’s Home – Install motion detector lights, put your mail on hold if you are going for an extended period and try and leave a car in the driveway.
  4. Hide Your Valuables – Cash, jewellery and computer equipment are the most common items targeted.
  5. Get Professional Advice – The best way to ensure your family, business and belongings are safe all year round,  is a high-quality, 24/7 monitored, back to base digital alarm system and cameras.

Pacific Security offer a free onsite inspection to determine which system would best suit your site budget for both residential and commercial customers. With 12 years experience, we can give you complete piece of mind so you can focus on important things like presents, a visit from Santa and Christmas lunch!

If you wish to make changes to your monitoring for the holidays, email your updates to: operations@pacificsecurity.com.au or call the Admin Team on 1300 85 91 41

As always, our control room will be keeping a watchful eye over our client’s property 24/7 and can be contacted any time on 1300 859 141. Ensure your home or business has an up to date digital alarm system with back to base monitoring and cameras. From everyone in the Pacific Security Group team we wish you a merry Christmas and a safe new year!