The Fight Against Domestic Violence

The Fight Against Domestic Violence

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men have experienced at least one incident of violence from a current or former partner since the age of 15.

1 in 6 women have experience physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner. Partner violence is a leading contributor to illness, disability and premature death for women aged between 18-44.

Pacific Security’s Directing Manager has seen the need to offer cost effective packages to those who are Victims of Crime or non-able in their homes. DVO’s are on the rise and personal safety has become a leading concern for the greater community and authorities.

“Our police force is understaffed for domestic violence cases. We need to find a supporting solution to bring back control to those who just want to live a peaceful life within their own homes”

Clients who in the past have had DVO’s in place and not adhered to or those who have suffered a terrible crime incident have been left feeling powerless and in a state of fear, anxiety and depression.

Installing cameras externally and in some cases internally, along with a 24/7 back to base monitored duress pendants is giving back the control to those who once felt weak and defeated in their own home.

Talk today to one of our friendly staff about how you can secure your home with Cameras, Alarm & Monitored Duress. In some cases there is government funding available to cover all costs of the equipment and installation.

Don’t wait, take control of your safety. Call – 1300 85 91 41 / Option 2

Reference: White Ribbon Australia. & Australian Bureau of Statistics