Do you already have/or would like a Security Alarm System that may be affected by NBN?

Speak with a specialist at Pacific Security Group. We have a range of solutions that will allow your alarm system to dial over the mobile network and negate the need for a traditional copper landline and/or your internet as its communication pathway.

Let’s talk about the differences between GPRS Back to Base Monitoring and IP & Self-Monitoring:

GPRS Back to Base Monitoring

  • The GPRS module dials over the mobile network as its primary communication pathway.
  • If the main power cuts out to your alarm system, it will revert to its 24hr backup battery. Our GPRS modules are wired directly into the alarm panel and to the backup battery giving you peace of mind, there will be no interruptions with your service.
  • Power, landline or internet disruptions will not affect this module.
  • Our GPRS device comes with a smartphone app called Pocket Secure which allows you to remote arm/disarm your alarm
    (providing you have a spare zone).
  • Your alarm is totally separate to everything else at the site, so no service interruptions.
  • The highest form of monitoring available, used in banks, bottle shops, fuel stations and more.
  • Back to Base Monitoring by our control room supports you 24/7. If an alarm event takes place whilst you are in the cinema, out for dinner, on holidays; our team can send a patrolman to assess your site and report back if any concerns.
  • The monthly back to base monitoring fee includes 24/7 grade A1 service along with all the phone call costs made by the alarm panel to our control room.

Back to Base Monitoring or Self-Monitoring via an IP Module – please consider the following drawbacks:

  • Reporting via an IP Module relies on your internet to send the alarm signals.
  • If the power to your router cuts out or the router is stolen – there will be no communication from your alarm system to the control room or your smartphone during an event.
  • Likewise, if your internet drops out intermittently, you may find yourself exposed to loss of communication.
  • If self-monitoring, you need to have good wi-fi signal to your smartphones are all times.
  • Self-monitoring means you need to take action for all alarm events, there is no backup support during a time of need.
  • All IP module solutions come with a smartphone app for remote arm/disarm features.

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