You must know security tips during COVID-19. Some best tips are given as:

1. Do you have scheduled open times in your automated access control? Ensure this is updated if you are in lock down and not at the site.

2. Do you have card holders with access to sites. Perhaps place all card holders on pause to restrict access during lock down periods.

3. Check all door locks are in working order. Roller doors, pedestrian doors, garage doors.

4. Back to Base Monitoring – if you have changes for after-hours key persons please notify your security provider

5. Remote view / access – are credentials up to date and working? Test them now before it’s too late for a service.

6. Back up battery systems? Test and check your back up battery is in working order in case you are in lock down and AC power fails during your time away. UPS / Back up panel batteries etc.

7. Patrols – Do you require additional day time or night time patrols to your site? arrange this with us now.

What if you do not follow Security Tips during COVID-19?

If you do not follow Security Tips during COVID-19, you may get infected and this can lead to spreading. If you work in an office, or do a private or Government sector base job, it is necessary for you to follow these security tips given above. You should stay safe and also keep the environment and our love ones safe.

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