Are you already following these security tips? Do you know someone who might benefit from them?

  • Use key-operated locks on doors and windows. Don’t put keys under doormats, plant pots or edge of the door frame.
  • Ensure you have a security alarm system to trigger a screamer upon a break and enter.
  • Engrave or micro-dot high-value items making it difficult to on-sell.
  • Don’t leave ladders or tools around your site to enable a break-in.
  • Ensure internal garage doors are locked at all times.
  • Leave lights on and/or TV or music playing whilst you are out so it appears someone is still home.
  • Don’t leave bins out or mail piling up in your letterbox as it will appear no one is home.
  • Keep cash and valuables out of sight, in a safe if possible and hidden.
  • Install motion-sensitive lighting around dark areas of the premise to deter.
  • Business owners ensure your monitoring account is set up for a notification if your alarm is not armed by a certain hour each day.
  • Ensure all of your user pin codes are the latest and delete any old user codes.
  • Ensure your system is serviced annually and the backup battery is replaced.
  • Ensure you have an inventory of valuables for your insurer.
  • Ensure your meter box is secured.
  • Display signs to show your site is electronically protected.
  • Be prepared when moving by getting a free quote from a security specialist in advance.

Pacific Security offers a free onsite inspection to determine which system would best suit your site budget for both residential and commercial customers. With 15 years of experience, we can give you complete peace of mind so you can focus on important things.

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