Australian Crime Statistics

We collected and analysed Australian crime data to see if there was a correlation between installing security cameras and alarm systems, and a decrease in home-related crimes.

Specifically, we looked into the types of crimes being committed around homes in Queensland such as burglary, car thefts and robbery and whether or not having security cameras or a security system affected the behaviour of offenders.

Featured stats:

  • Australia has the 7th highest burglary rates in the world (Budget Direct)
  • 70.8% of break-ins in Australia result in theft (Budget Direct)
  • 31.5% of Queenslanders are more concerned about home burglary than last year (Budget Direct)
  • 11.8% of break-ins lead to confrontation with perpetrator (Budget Direct)
  • 59.000 personal items were stolen in home burglary (Budget Direct)
  • 12,977 car thefts in Queensland (NMVTRC)
  • Between 4pm and 11pm were the most popular time for a car to be stolen (NMVTRC)
  • “We have over 90 kids who in the last year have committed 30 or more offences” (The Queensland Police)
  • The COVID-19 effect: Unlawful entry with intent 2020 figures dropped by 23%, lowest for 28 years (Savvy)
  • Only 32.5% of Australians use security cameras to protect themselves against burglary (Budget Direct) and only 16% with security alarm systems (Budget Direct)

Let’s dive into what we found:

General Australian Home Crime Statistics

Most people would agree that Australia is a safe country, and compared to some we most definitely are! However, Australia has the 7th highest burglary rate in the world. Now, this may be a shock to many but we have the stats to prove it. 70.8% of break-ins in Australia result in theft, the majority of these thefts lead to personal items being stolen and other items such as money, wallets or purses being stolen.

As these offences become more apparent to locals in Australia and particularly Queensland in general, homeowners’ concerns are growing rapidly for the safety of their families and their valuable items. It was found that 31.5% of Queenslanders are more concerned about home burglary than compared to last year which highlights the current fear for crime in our nation especially when 4,000 Australian homes are being struck each day. Furthermore there is an overbearing chance of coming face to face with the perpetrator upon entering your home with an 11.8% chance of confrontation with intruders.

Car Thefts around Australian Homes: Who’s Responsible?

We found that car thefts have increased in the late months of 2021 leading into 2022 which affects home safety just as much as home burglary. Queensland had the highest percentage of car thefts across all other states in the last financial year with just shy of 13,000 car theft cases. It is understood that the majority of these car theft offences happened between the popular times of 4pm to 11pm, most likely when families are home from school and work who have their cars at home. Crime studies have shown that this is likely to be the direct result of yet again, Covid-19. With young adults not in schools, it is becoming an easier task for children to come together and commit such offences whilst the police force are focused on border patrol and other Covid-19 related activities. The Queensland police have stated that they have 90 kids who in the last year have all committed 30 or more offences which cements certain Covid related arguments around crime. They claim that 2022 must be the year of action on law and order.

The Covid Influence

Although car theft related crimes rose within the fourth quarter of 2021 there has been a contradictory drop in figures of unlawful entry (when a person enters a home without the consent of the lawful owner) in 2020-21 due to Covid-19 whilst figures have dropped a whopping 23% which is the lowest it has been in 28 years. Whilst it makes sense for crime statistics to drop to a certain extent in a global pandemic there is intense speculation around the behaviour of individuals now that we are well on the way back to normality. With no lockdowns in the foreseeable future and work getting back to normal, it leaves a gap within our day to day lives which opens up an unsolicited invite to criminals. A study performed by the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) believes that property crime can be expected to rebound when the restrictive measures that were the immediate cause of the observed decrease in criminal activity have been lifted. They found that criminological theories suggest that crime could even increase beyond their pre-pandemic levels as a result of the additional economic strain caused by these Covid-19 measures (UNODC, 2020). So, with the inevitable escalation of criminal activity awaiting our homes, where does this leave us in terms of security and safety?

Where do we go from here?

There are obvious measures which Australian residents can take to further secure their homes before a dramatic increase in home crime. Security cameras, security alarm systems, CCTV and other monitored appliances can all be beneficial to further enable home security amongst other measures such as locks, door pins and security screens. Shockingly, only 32% of Australians have security cameras and a smaller 16% have security alarm systems installed within their homes. Why such a small amount? There is quite often a common speculation that security cameras or systems do not actually stop criminals from unlawful entry, robbery, car theft or burglary however, we found evidence that may argue otherwise. The Australian Institute of Criminology recently composed a study on why certain crime rates had dropped and what was responsible for these declines. They interviewed 994 detainees that had committed similar offences in relation to home and property crimes, in which they found that the number one category that would stop detainees from committing a crime was in fact improved security. So the answer is yes, security cameras as well as security alarm systems are indeed proven to work successfully within the home and properties. Fortunately, there are security appliances on the market that cater for absolutely everyone no matter the financial status, helping you create a safe place for your family.

The Benefits of Security Cameras and Security Alarm Systems

There are many benefits to installing security cameras or a security alarm system within your household. Your house is not just bricks and mortar, it is what you call your home, your family’s home and a place to keep all your belongings in which you deserve to feel safe and secure. Security cameras can give you the shield you’ve always wanted and needed by protecting your assets around your home. Security cameras, as we now know, can prevent crime such as theft, violence, loitering, vandalism, burglary or robbery and with the help of an alarm system can alert you while the crime is in process. An alarm system will not only record and detect movement but will set off an intense alarm likely to scare away intruders and at the same time, alert you with live footage of your home that you can view from your phone. There have often been cases where security cameras have helped authorities to solve criminal cases where someone’s camera has picked up movement at a certain angle on the street or in someone else’s property which can be extremely beneficial to police authorities. Data and records can also be stored with any security cameras which can be beneficial for future endeavours and have even solved disputes between neighbours as they often benefit from decision making after watching back recordings. Security cameras and security alarm systems don’t have to be your main source of security around your home. Making sure you have sufficient lighting around your home, as well as using door locks, door pins/codes, and security screens will help to decrease your chances of a break-in. By taking these extra measures around your home you will definitely be prepared for the expected future crime outbreaks across Australia and continue to keep your home and family safe.

As seen in the crime statistics previously mentioned, having a security system in place can have a positive impact and help reduce the chances of your home or place of business being broken into. If you’re unsure of which security measures are right for you, please read through our article on the different types of security systems. As crime is on the rise, it is vitally important that you, at the very least, remember to lock you doors and windows, and be mindful of anyone that looks suspicious.

Kylie Butchard of Pacific Security Group.

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