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Security systems require regular and professional security maintenance to ensure they run smoothly and ensure ongoing reliability. Poorly maintained security systems will fail to detect risks and hazards promptly and will in time provide headaches (or worse) with false alarms or unreliable access control with outdated firmware. This is your defense layer.

How old is your security system? Have you had it checked recently to ensure it will do the job when you need it to? Have you experienced any false alarms? Regular servicing, focused on being proactive and preventative, will save you money in the long run. There is less chance of you experiencing a serious issue with costly repairs.

Our team can regularly perform a check-up of all the elements of your security system (cameras, detectors, lighting systems, power systems etc) to ensure they are correctly functioning, prevent future issues and replace and repair where necessary.

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Regular servicing reminders

What matters to you, matters to us. We never want to see a home or business impacted due to a compromised security system.

We take the hassle out of remembering to service your system. As soon as you become one of the family, we will register you in our system for a courtesy call each year to confirm if you would like an annual service on your security system. Whether it be an alarm, CCTV, access control or intercom, having your system serviced annually may help with your insurance premiums and claims. Electronic alarms and CCTV systems require firmware upgrades over the years to keep up with bug fixes, cyber security and product performance. An annual service will ensure your system has the latest firmware at all times.

Helpful security maintenance tips

Towards the wet season and before Christmas holidays’ are the peak season for last minute service faults. Try to be proactive rather than reactive if you notice a fault light on your keypad. Ensure your back up batteries are replaced every 12 months in readiness for future main power failures that the wet season brings.

Your alarm system comes with a back up battery which, depending on the age of the battery and number of devices on the alarm, may provide you with approximately 12-24 hours of back up support with no AC power.

Consider having a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) installed to power your CCTV recorder. If the AC power fails, you will have approx. 15 minutes or more record time before the machine turns off. Ensure your access control and intercom systems are on a power plug pack plugged into a UPS and is programmed for auto lock upon AC fail. Our tech team will check to ensure you comply with fire safety standards in this scenario with a press to exit or break glass option.

Keep safe and secure with complete and thorough servicing.

Our Alarm Service Includes:

  • The tech will conduct a full system diagnostic test of your alarm.
  • Test all battery and power terminals
  • Check time and date are correct.
  • Clean away any cobwebs and dust from your detectors if there is clear access.
  • Replace your back-up battery & any device batteries if required.
  • Complete a walk-through test to ensure the detectors are triggering effectively.
  • Delete or change any user pin codes.
  • Firmware upgrade of panel as required.


Our CCTV Service Includes:

  • General clean of all cameras.
  • Test and refocus cameras to suit.
  • Ensure all cameras are recording.
  • Conduct a hard drive health test.
  • Check time and Date are correct.
  • Check history for any missed errors.
  • Test power plug pack voltages.
  • Provide any basic training.
  • Firmware upgrade to the machine as required.
  • Firmware upgrade to the cameras as required.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is security maintenance?

Security maintenance refers to the regular checks and updates performed on security systems to ensure they function optimally. This includes inspecting hardware components, updating software, and addressing any vulnerabilities to keep the system robust and effective.

Why is security maintenance essential for businesses?

Security maintenance is crucial for businesses to ensure the continuous protection of assets, data, and personnel. Regular maintenance prevents system failures, reduces the risk of security breaches, and ensures that the system remains compliant with the latest security standards.

How often should security maintenance be conducted?

The frequency of security maintenance depends on the specific system and its usage. However, it’s recommended to conduct routine checks monthly, with a more comprehensive review and update every six months to a year. Always stay updated with the latest software patches and hardware upgrades.

What's the difference between corrective and preventive security maintenance?

Corrective security maintenance involves fixing issues or malfunctions after they occur. In contrast, preventive maintenance focuses on regular checks and updates to prevent potential problems before they arise, ensuring the system’s smooth operation.

Can outdated security systems still function without regular maintenance?

While outdated security systems might still operate, they are more vulnerable to breaches, malfunctions, and inefficiencies. Regular security maintenance ensures that systems are updated, vulnerabilities are addressed, and the system remains effective in detecting and responding to threats.


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