3 Reasons We Consistently Score Over 92% In Customer Satisfaction Ratings

February 27, 2023

Since opening our doors in 2005, providing exceptional customer service has remained one of our most deeply-held values – and our primary focus.

This is why we’re so honoured to be recognized by the Australian Achiever Awards for the last seven years running. As an independent, unbiased award system based on satisfaction ratings from our customers, the Achiever Awards are an authentic measure of excellent customer service.

Pacific Security Group’s performance at the Australian Achiever Awards

  • 2016: Security Industry ‐ Electronic Security Category – Highly Recommended
  • 2017: Security Industry ‐ Electronic Security Category – Queensland State Winner
  • 2018: Security Industry ‐ Electronic Security Category – Queensland State Winner
  • 2019: Security Industry ‐ Electronic Security Category – Queensland State Winner
  • 2020: Security Industry ‐ Electronic Security Category – Queensland State Winner
  • 2021: Security Industry ‐ Electronic Security Category – Queensland State Winner
  • 2022: Security Industry ‐ Electronic Security Category – Highly Recommended

Let us share how Pacific Security Group has maintained a customer satisfaction rate above 92% for over seven years and, consequently, has consistently been recognized by Australian Achiever Awards.

Why We Strive to Make Our Customers Happy

Here are a few fundamental reasons why our high customer satisfaction rating means so much to us here at Pacific Security Group.

  • We Know We’re Offering The Right Products
  • With such a selection of innovative security equipment on the market, we have to put a lot of time and effort into choosing the very best products for our customers – across every price range. The fact our customers are consistently satisfied confirms we’ve made the right choices and gives us the confidence that we’re in tune with the needs of our customer base.


  • It Confirms We’re Providing Excellent Customer Service

Buying and, subsequently, installing a security system is anything but trivial. For this reason, purchasing a security system can often be a little confusing – or, at worst, downright stressful. It’s our job to walk customers through their options, educate them where possible, and reassure them throughout the process when necessary. Our high customer satisfaction rating tells us we’re succeeding in this aspect and motivates us to keep doing our best.


  • We’ve Successfully Incorporated Customer Feedback
    We’re only a couple of years shy of our 20th anniversary. However, like any company that’s managed to stay in business that long, we’ve made mistakes – but we always strive to improve.


Every customer suggestion or complaint, every issue, and every piece of equipment that failed to meet a customer’s expectations – and our own – was a lesson learned and an opportunity to improve our service. But, on the other hand, each heartfelt thankyou and every relieved and reassured customer confirmed what we were doing right. Our consistently high customer satisfaction score shows that we’ve listened to the feedback from our customers – and we will continue to listen.

  • Customer Loyalty
    Renowned author, speaker, and businessman Zig Ziglar famously said, “you can have anything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want”. By the same token, we’ve learned that the best way for us to spread the word about our security services is to do the best job possible and go the extra mile to serve our customers. In doing so, they’re thrilled to tell their friends and relatives about us, which enabled us to survive and later thrive as a business.

All of this has resulted in us achieving an average customer satisfaction rating* of 95.78% over the last seven years:

  • 2016: Customer Satisfaction Rating – 93.22%
  • 2017: Customer Satisfaction Rating – 97.88%
  • 2018: Customer Satisfaction Rating – 99.05%
  • 2019: Customer Satisfaction Rating – 96.08%
  • 2020: Customer Satisfaction Rating – 95.13%
  • 2021: Customer Satisfaction Rating – 96.82%
  • 2022: Customer Satisfaction Rating – 92.27%

The Australian Achiever Awards’ system is based on eight criteria, each scored separately: Time-Related Service, Addressing Client Needs, Care and Attention, Value, Attitude, Communication, Overall Perception, and Referral. The criteria are rated individually before factoring into the final customer satisfaction score. A score over 80% is considered exceptional and reflects outstanding customer service.

The Secrets Behind Pacific Security Group’s High Customer Satisfaction Rating

We credit our success in making our customers happy to three fundamental factors.

Exceptional Customer Service

While our customers come to us to purchase security equipment and services, they’re really looking for greater peace of mind. 


They want to feel more secure and less vulnerable in their own homes. They want to feel a greater sense of control over the businesses they own or manage. They want to ensure the people they’re responsible for, whether their loved ones, staff, customers, or tenants, remain safe – and, just as importantly, feel safe.


For these reasons and more, we see what we do as important. And – when done well – it greatly impacts our customers’ quality of life. That’s why we’re committed to delivering exceptional customer service and are always seeking ways to get even better.  

Innovative Security Solutions

While criminals have a serious lack of morals and empathy, they are certainly not short on creativity. Because of this, the security industry has to constantly evolve to keep up with the new ways of breaking into homes and commercial properties devised by burglars. Subsequently, it’s up to us to keep up with all the advancements in security equipment and bring the best products to our customers at the best possible prices. 

Our cutting-edge solutions for homes and businesses feature equipment from some of the leading brands in the security industry, including Bosch, Daula, Hikvision, and Crimsafe. These include:

    • Motion-Triggered Alarm Systems: receive real-time notifications if one of the sensors connected to the alarm systems is triggered by movement. Plus, customers have the choice to only receive notifications themselves or to have them sent to us too.   
    • Real-Time Remote Viewing: view real-time footage from security camera feeds – from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Alternatively, with back-to-base monitoring, we’ll surveil a customer’s property for them – and act on their behalf in the event of an incident. 
    • Active Deterrent Cameras: the latest in security camera technology, active deterrent cameras utilise lights and sirens to make their presence known to intruders to better prevent crimes.  
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras: these allow businesses to track suspicious vehicles and take action before they can commit a crime. ANPR technology can also automate entry access, making them an invaluable resource for companies with large numbers of incoming and outgoing vehicles. 
  • Access Control Systems: the latest in access control technology, including biometric (fingerprint, iris, and facial scanning) recognition, grants commercial and residential properties greater control over who can gain access.  
  • AI Security Cameras: cameras equipped with machine learning (ML) algorithms can tell the difference between human beings and other objects, including animals, resulting in significantly fewer false alarms. 
  • Home Automation, i.e. Smart Homes: integrate your alarm system with your smart home setup for automation and advanced remote functionality. 

Smart security systems allow you to:


  • Arm and disarm your system
  • Access and control cameras
  • Activate and deactivate smart locks
  • Open and close garage doors
  • Switch lights on and off
  • Interact (via two-way talk with people near your property


  • Solar-Powered Security Cameras: ideal for boosting security measures in remote areas or for use in temporary security installations. 

Better still, over the years, we’ve refined our thorough, onsite security assessment so we can accurately match our range of security solutions to the customer’s exact needs.

Strong Commitment To Excellence

Maybe most importantly, we refuse to rest on our laurels and are always looking to raise our level of customer service. We didn’t qualify for customer service awards when we first opened our doors in 2005 – it was something we had to work for. But as soon as we learned what was required to deliver exceptional service – we refused to accept anything less from ourselves.


Pacific Security Group’s high customer satisfaction rating can be attributed to three key factors: exceptional customer service, innovative security solutions, and a strong commitment to excellence. By prioritizing our customers’ needs and desires for greater peace of mind, Pacific Security Group consistently delivers cutting-edge security solutions and a seamless customer experience. As a result, we have earned a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy security provider, continually seeking ways to improve and exceed expectations. By striving for excellence, Pacific Security Group has become a leader in the security industry, providing our customers with the latest advancements in security technology and services.


If you’re looking for solutions that match the precise security needs of your home or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll provide a free onsite security assessment and determine the equipment and services that will give you the protection and peace of mind you’re looking for.  

Kylie Butchard of Pacific Security Group.

Kylie Butchard is a highly respected and experienced leader in Australia’s electronic security industry, having successfully steered Pacific Security Group for over 17 years. With a career embedded in customer service, she has consistently focused on putting people first – clients and staff. Known for her strong, resilient, positive, values-driven, consistent, and compassionate approach, Kylie ensures that her team delivers top-notch security solutions tailored to clients’ unique needs.

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