CCTV  Security Cameras are an effective crime deterrent but they do require a minimum 12-month service. We recommend 6-monthly if a commercial premise.

When did you last check the recorded history of your security cameras?
In-between service dates it is imperative you check your system. Intermittent and often unnoticeable power surges or out of date firmware can have an effect on the smooth operation of your recordings.

Reasons for CCTV Servicing:

Insurance requirements: The worst scenario is to not have footage from an event during an insurance claim. You will be asked for your last service date. Your premiums and discounts may be affected.

Hard Drive Failures: Hard drive can and do fail over time. Our servicing includes a hard drive health check.

Firmware upgrade: Manufacturers often update the firmware of their devices. This accommodates any glitches found over a period of time. Having the latest firmware loaded will ensure any recent bugs are fixed

Environmental changes: You may have re-arranged your home, office or warehouse. Ensure your current camera locations and the field of view is capturing any new changes. Cameras need to be free of cobwebs and refocused and adjusted.

Remote View Settings: When was the last time you viewed your cameras remotely? Don’t leave this until last minute. Ensure you can view your cameras from your phone or remote PC at all times

Workplace Health & Safety: Does your site still comply with your workplace health & safety obligations? Are you covering all required areas? Do you have enough record time on your hard drive?

Storage Time: Storage time can change depending on your camera settings. Allow us to review this timeframe and adjust settings to suit. You may need more hard drive to accommodate.

Our CCTV Service Includes:

Pacific Security Group provides best quality services, following are the features:

  • Update firmware to the latest version
  • Review history log to assess any existing faults to rectify
  • Complete hard drive health test
  • Visual inspection of all components for signs of deterioration or damage
  • Check & clean lenses, adjust field of view if required
  • Check recording and play back image quality and adjust
  • Check hard drive storage availability and recommend
  • Check time & date settings and adjust if necessary
  • Updating passwords if required
  • Test voltage of power supplies
  • Repair any minor faults on the day
  • Refresher training
  • Recommendations if required

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