Don’t Let the 3G Shutdown Compromise Your Security!

The 3G network has served us well, but it’s time for a change. As part of the ongoing 5G rollout, 3G networks will be shutting
down throughout 2024. This won’t affect your mobile devices, but it could impact the functionality of your alarm system.


2 mbps

  • Very limited data connection
  • Outdated Technology
  • Very Slow Data Speeds
  • Limited Hardware
  • Noticable Latency


25 mbps

  • Reliable data connection
  • Better network coverage
  • Faster Data Speeds
  • More Hardware options
  • Low Latency


200-400 mbps

  • Very reliable data connection
  • Very good coverage
  • Ultra Fast Data Speeds
  • Future Proof Hardware
  • Near No Latency

3G Shoutdown

Vodafone has already disabled the 2100 MHz spectrum/part and will be the first to completely switch off its 3G network, with the 900MHz spectrum being turned off on 15th December 2023.



The Telstra 3G shutdown has already begun, as it sunsetted its 2100MHz spectrum in March 2019. Telstra’s 850MHz spectrum will operate until 30th June 2024 – the most often-quoted date for the general 3G network shutdown in Australia.


Optus will be the last telco to disable its 3G services, with its 900 MHz spectrum being phased out in September 2024, phasing out 3G networks entirely.


Implications for Alarm Systems Using 3G

Most alarm systems include a cellular transmitter necessary to communicate with security companies. With the 3G shutdown, alarm systems that use a 3G network for their cellular connection will lose that essential backup mechanism. This could prevent critical alerts from being sent out in time – or, worse, not at all.

If your alarm doesn’t communicate, this will impact any services you may have set up for emergency services for Medical Pendants, Duress/Panic Buttons, Fire Safety for Alarm Smoke Detectors as well as Burglar Alarms.

Benefits of Upgrading to 4G Alarm Modules

Upgrading to 4G isn’t just about keeping your alarm system functional. It’s about enhancing your security. 4G networks offer faster and more reliable connections, greater coverage, and less network congestion. This means enhanced security features, faster response times, improved reliability and coverage, and compatibility with future network upgrades.

Is My Alarm System Using 3G?

Not sure if your alarm system is using 3G? Look for notices from your security company, contact your alarm system provider, examine the control panel, or browse your system’s user manual or documentation.

Upgrading Options for 3G Alarm Systems

When it comes to upgrading from 3G to 4G, you have options. Your security monitoring company should upgrade your 3G alarm module for you. If your alarm system doesn’t support 4G altogether, you’ll have to upgrade the entire alarm system instead of merely replacing the 3G module.

3G Shutdown

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What will happen if my alarm system is affected by the 3G network shutdown and I don’t take action?

Your current alarm system will continue to operate until the 3G network shuts down at the June 2024 deadline. If you don’t upgrade your 3G modules before then, your alarm system won’t be able to send alerts to your security monitoring company and, consequently, won’t be able to assist you in the case of an emergency.

What about 5G networks? Will I need to upgrade my alarm system again?

5G networks are already being rolled out – but will work alongside 4G infrastructure instead of replacing it. This “future-proofs” your 4G-compatible alarm system and ensures it works when 5G networks are widespread.