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Welcome to the forefront of security solutions in Augustine Heights, where we specialise in state-of-the-art security systems crafted for the unique needs of Brisbane’s homes and businesses. At Security Systems Augustine Heights, we are dedicated to not just reacting to security threats but proactively anticipating and mitigating them. Our advanced technology is engineered to adapt to the dynamic landscape of security challenges, ensuring you and your assets are safeguarded under all circumstances.

Providing Comprehensive Security Systems for Augustine Heights Clients

Experience security that goes beyond conventional measures. Our systems are integrated with cutting-edge features that offer robust surveillance and real-time alerts, making them indispensable in today’s unpredictable environment. Whether you are looking to protect your home or business, our Security Systems will provide solutions that are as reliable as they are revolutionary.

Step into a safer future with Security Systems Augustine Heights by Pacific Security Group – your partner in enduring security and undisturbed tranquillity.


Transform your Augustine Heights home into a bastion of safety with our leading-edge residential security systems. We understand that your home is more than just a structure; it is where your heart and your most cherished loved ones reside. Experience the tranquility that comes from knowing your personal haven is comprehensively shielded with technology that’s both sophisticated and user-friendly. Our systems provide continuous monitoring and immediate response capabilities, ensuring that you and your family can feel secure in your private sanctuary.


Elevate the security of your Augustine Heights business premises with our comprehensive commercial security solutions and surveillance systems. At Pacific Security Group, we empower your business with a robust security framework that remains vigilant around the clock, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation. From real-time surveillance to advanced access control systems, our solutions are designed to protect your assets and provide a safe working environment for your employees. Trust us to be your partner in securing your business’s future, today and tomorrow.

Peace of Mind.

Reliable Security Systems Augustine Heights

for your peace of mind.


Have eyes in the back of your head! Always know what’s going on in your environment, from anywhere. Track stock, monitor staff activity, capture intruders, keep children in sight, record evidence.


Protect what’s inside. Secure entry points and detect any unauthorised and unwanted intruders. Be alerted when someone comes into your zone. One of the first steps in your security plan.


What do you do when an alarm is triggered? Let us take the guesswork and unease out of an alarm event. We will have our eyes on your system 24/7, 365 days a year and can offer rapid response.


Would you like to control who has access and when? Do you need to restrict access and verify users? Would you like to have evidence of who and when? Access Control Systems are designed to add this rigour and control.

Why Choose Pacific Security for your security systems?

Choosing Pacific Security Group for your Augustine Heights security needs means selecting peace of mind alongside unparalleled protection for both homes and businesses. Here’s what sets us apart in the security landscape of Augustine Heights:

  • Tailored Solutions: We recognise that each property in Augustine Heights has unique security requirements. That’s why we custom-design our systems to meet the specific needs of your home or business, ensuring that your security solution is as individual as the property it protects.
  • Reliability: Our security systems provide dependable protection around the clock. We are committed to your peace of mind, offering consistent and uninterrupted security that you can rely on at all times.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We equip our systems with advanced, user-friendly features that set the standard for superior security. Our technology is designed not only to meet current security demands but to anticipate future challenges.
  • Local Insight: With our Brisbane-based expertise, we bring a deep understanding of local security needs and challenges. Our knowledge of Augustine Heights and its surroundings means that we tailor your security solutions with a perspective that only locals can provide.

Trust Pacific Security Group to deliver not just security systems, but a comprehensive safety experience designed around the specific needs and challenges of Augustine Heights.


for enhanced security solutions


for round the clock security


Dive into a world of unmatched safety with our security services in Augustine Heights, where every solution is crafted with precision to meet your unique needs.


Experience seamless integration of security into your daily life with our professional installation services, where expertise meets efficiency to fortify your sanctuary.


Ensure your security system’s peak performance with our reliable maintenance services, designed to keep your safety net intact and responsive around the clock.

Frequently Asked

Find answers to questions about Pacific Security Group’s security systems and services in Augustine Heights.

What types of security systems do you offer for residential properties in Augustine Heights?

We offer a wide range of residential security systems, including alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, motion detectors, and access control systems. Each system is tailored to meet the specific security needs of your home in Augustine Heights.

Can I control my security system from my smartphone?

Yes, many of our security systems are equipped with smart technology that allows you to monitor and control your security settings remotely from your smartphone. This feature provides convenience and peace of mind whether you are at home or away.

Do you provide installation and maintenance services for commercial security systems?

Absolutely. We provide full installation services for all of our security systems. Additionally, we offer comprehensive maintenance packages to ensure your system is always operating at peak efficiency and providing the highest level of security.

How do you customise security solutions for different businesses?

Our approach involves conducting a detailed assessment of your business premises to understand specific security vulnerabilities. We then design a security framework that incorporates the right mix of technology and strategic placements to address these specific risks effectively.

What measures are in place to ensure the reliability of your security systems during power outages?

Our security systems are equipped with backup power solutions to ensure they remain operational during power outages. This includes battery backups and, in some cases, generators, thus maintaining continuous protection even in the event of an electrical failure.

Client Testimonials

What our Augustine Heights clients have to say.

Adam came out to our warehouse site and did a full alarm service, replaced the batteries on our sensors and did an amazing job making sure we were all ready for the new year. Well mannered and had a good chat with him. Great job, thank you!


We just had our home security cameras installed and to Kylie, all your wonderful office personnel, Leon and Matty who did the installation our sincere gratitude to you all. I cannot speak highly enough about the Tech boys (Leon and Matty) who did an amazing job and it was so refreshing to actually have a team that cares about the customer and their property.


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