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10 Tips to Improve Your Building’s Security

Security is one of the most pressing and consistent concerns for owners of commercial buildings. Whether you have an office building, warehouse, workshop, apartment, or multi-building facility, you’re responsible for protecting the premises and the people within it from harm. As a result, you need to be proactive about preventing criminal acts like burglary, vandalism, theft, and even loitering from taking place in and around your building.

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What Is Patrolling in Security?

While many business owners are content to keep their premises safe with security cameras and alarm systems, others desire security measures that offer a more immediate response. Fortunately, this is where security patrolling comes in.
Security patrols offer an on-site presence that provides greater protection of your premises and ensures a trained security professional will be there in the event of a break-in or similar event that poses a threat to your employees and valuable assets.

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How to Make Your Rental More Secure

All too often, people are reluctant to improve their home security if it’s a rental.
There are two main reasons for this: On one hand, they feel that it’s their landlord’s responsibility to provide security measures and, consequently, are happy to rely on whatever’s in place when they moved in. Alternatively, they could be unsure how long they’re going to live at that particular premises, so they have less incentive to invest in better home security.

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10 Essential Tips for Improving Your Home Security

In 2020, 134,000 residential burglaries were reported. Putting aside the costs associated, this doesn’t factor in the feelings of anger and vulnerability of having your home broken into – on which you can’t attach an amount. Fortunately, the vast majority of these break-ins can be prevented, and it only requires a few simple adjustments to how you approach your home security.

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5 Benefits of Security Cameras for Businesses

5 Benefits of Security Cameras for BusinessesTable of Contents 5 Benefits of Security Cameras for Businesses Why CCTV is Important for Businesses? What is the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?  Related ContentWhether it’s burglary,...

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How To Design A Smart Home Security System

How to Design a Smart Home Security SystemTable of Contents Types of Home Security Systems Home Alarm Systems Home Security Cameras Security System Installation Security System Monitoring Cost of Home Security System Does Having a Security System Increase Home Value?...

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An Ultimate Guide to Security Surveillance Cameras

An Ultimate Guide to Security Surveillance Cameras

An Ultimate Guide to Security Surveillance CamerasTable of Contents Remote Viewing Cabling Recorder Types Hard Drive Space Smart Motion Detection (SMD) Line crossing detection or trip wire Perimeter Protection Thermal Image Face Recognition Number Plate Recognition...

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Wired vs Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Wired vs Wireless Security Alarm SystemsTable of Contents The Benefits of Hardwired Alarm Systems The Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems Hybrid Alarm Systems Alarm MonitoringRelated ContentThere are various ways to approach your Home Security. There is so much on the...

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Best Security Tips during COVID-19

You must know security tips during COVID-19. Some best tips are given as: 1. Do you have scheduled open times in your automated access control? Ensure this is updated if you are in lock down and not at the site.2. Do you have card holders with access to sites. Perhaps...

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